Dealing With Negative Comments About Your Music

So, you have been working on a piece and you are excited to share it with people. You have worked really hard to produce it and you cannot wait for people to let you know how you sound. You play it and you are met with blank stares and the bombshell: It was not good. Every artist knows how shattering those words can be. So, how should musicians deal with negative comments about their work?

How to Handle Negative Comments

  • Check for intention: Reassess the relationship you have with the person who has given you the comment. If it is a competitor, there could be chances that they are envious of you and are deliberately trying to put you down. If it is someone who genuinely cares about you and has shown support in your journey as a musician, maybe there is something you need to improve.
  • Ask for further comments: Not all criticism is bad. There are some that can build and make you better but you just need to know how to identify people who want the best for you. Ask the person/people who gave the negative comment about why they think your music was not good enough. Tell them to point out areas that you can improve. You can ever offer to play an alternative sound to see if they will change their minds.
  • Do not let the comments stop you: If you are passionate about music, do not let a few comments distract you. Never take negative comments personally. Instead, you should use them as a reference point for when you will become better. Keep playing. If you have an option of hiring a trainer, explore it so that you have someone who can train you regularly as you work on becoming the best musician.

If you realise that the negative comments are affecting you, stop asking until you are confident in yourself. For online comments, do not feed the trolls. Keep moving.