Making Your Own Music

With the evolution of technology, gone are the days when you have to buy an instrument to make great music. Developers and artists have come up with a way to put all your favourite instrumental sounds into a single software app, and you can access them with a simple click. Over the years, the software has also evolved, making it easier to use, and the output even more pleasing to hear. Some of them come for free, while the other more professional ones have to be purchased, depending on the computer operating system that you use. This has seen the birth of the self-taught ‘bedroom DJs’, who have taken it upon themselves to learn and create music, without actually having to learn to play the instruments.

Where Do I Start?

The more technology evolves, the easier it is to gain access to information, as well as learn certain instruments. Music theory knowledge is not required when making music electronically. All you need is the passion, patience, and perseverance to learn and see your newly acquired skill grow. Regarding equipment, you simply require a computer and a working internet connection. Add some time out of your schedule, an open mind, and maybe some cash in your bank account. The internet is riddled with tutorials on how to get started with the music production software of your choice, and within no time, you are going to become proficient. You can turn your tunes into an income stream by either selling the instrumentals to artists or uploading them to a music store. The best part about this is that you can then get to earn throughout your entire life from your tunes, thanks to royalties.

What Else Do I Need?

There are quite a number of affordable beat making software options out there that will allow you to learn to make music on your own. Since you will not be using actual instruments, you will also need to get synthesizers or plugins, which mimic the sounds from actual instruments or create entirely new sounds. Some of these plugins are free, but you will need to buy some of the premium ones, which are obviously the best. The beat making software may also come with its own synthesizers, which are more than capable of giving you what you need for your first efforts. On top of that, you may also need to source samples which are actual sounds from say, the piano, drums and other instruments. Then you are free to embark on the adventure of music making.