Music As A Therapy

It was the New Seekers who brought out the immensely popular ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing’ pop song which later became a jingle for advertising Coke. The Swedish pop group ABBA brought out ‘Thank you for the music’ and Ludwig van Beethoven said that music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, showing us that music, whether vocal or instrumental, is an expression of emotion. It bonds people together, and when you hear a familiar jingle, people feel socially connected along with a sense of wellbeing and a familiar song also has the power to evoke reminiscing. Music has power, and most psychologists tell us that good music is able to calm stress and help people to relax.

Music – A Means Of Communication

A career in music therapy offers challenges and opportunities. True, music therapy may not lead to big benefits financially, but it has other rewards for those interested in working with people with mental disabilities. They provide wonderful, meaningful therapeutic services for children and adults with psychiatric disorders, neurological impairments as well as speech and hearing impairments. Music is used as a means of communication for those who find it difficult to express themselves in words. Music therapists are musicians as well as therapists and they have training in music therapy as well as behavioral sciences, among others. Their study curriculum is intense and includes therapy procedures as well a practical application of music. Candidates who opt to go for the master’s degree in music therapy need to hold a baccalaureate degree. With so much training, the benefits come when people with psychiatric disorders respond to music and learn how to express themselves.

Musical Instruments Galore

Guitars, drum sets, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, flutes, organs, pianos as well as other musical instruments – all of these, plus more, can all work together to make a joyful sound and bring untold pleasure. Why battle to get hold of any of these instruments when the auction houses’ offer them so reasonably? Some have an interesting history behind them too. Barnebys is literally just a click away and now you can have access to an assortment of different musical instruments at – all under one roof, Becoming a member of Barnebys has many advantages and one is that you can create email alerts so that when a musical instrument of your choice becomes available, you’ll be alerted. If you want, you can also submit pictures and some information of your musical instrument and have it appraised by experts. Pretty soon you’ll have your instrument and you’ll soon be playing along to tunes such as ‘Thank You for the Music’.