Is Music Beneficial to the Elderly?


One of the biggest struggles that the elderly face today is memory retention. This can be minimal where an aging person is beginning to forget things right up to full blown dementia which includes Alzheimer disease. Many different types of therapy are being looked at to help treat this and music is one of them.

It is believed that it is easier for the elderly to tap into the memories created by music than it is for them to recall a name or some event in their lives. It seems that the song they have heard stays within their memory longer.

Music also has the ability to create a sense of happiness and may help to reduce the sense of loneliness that some elderly experience.

Even for seniors who are not suffering with dementia or memory loss music can play an important role in their lives. Dance events can encourage them to socialize. It helps to keep them moving which in turn may help with their mobility. Dance exercise that is structured for seniors is also beneficial.

Many hospitals and long term care facilities for the aging are beginning to incorporate some forms of music therapy into their treatments.