Must-have Music Mixing Tools

Audio mixing isn’t an assemblage of different music tracks. It’s a masterful mix of sound effects, tonics, and much more. To create the perfect blend, you need the right tools. Moving from one song to the other can be a nightmare if you lack the right armor in your arsenal. From reverbs to compressors, you can ill afford to neglect the basic kits.

A crucial component that every mix-specialist has is a PC. Depending on your budget, you can source for a new or second hand macbook specifically for music mixing. Here is a rundown of the must-have tools required to pan your tracks accordingly.


Creating a balanced mix should be the first order of business. Adjusting the faders goes a long way in determining the mentioned. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the right levels through gain staging. Always stay clear of output clipping. The trained ear can differentiate even the slightest change in dB.

The Compressor

Compressors give life to your mixes. They enable you to craft dense mixes, add more punch to the instrumentation, and even tune volume levels. Modern pop, rock, and EDM combinations are characterized by heavy compression. It’s imperative to own a variety of compressors to serve each purpose.


Reverbs are an absolute essential in your mixing project. It allows you to create the ideal depth in your mixes. You’re able to transport the listener to a live performance using reverbs. Learn to alternate between “felt” and “heard” depending on the style of music in your mixes.

The EQ

An equalizer serves many purposes when it comes to music mixing. First, it reduces masking. This means that sounds cannot overlap in the same space. The other notable use is that it can highlight a specific vocal/instrument by emphasizing on a particular frequency range.