The Rise of Synthwave

New Artists

There has recently been a plethora of new musical acts, that have utilised the synth-heavy sound of the 1980s decade. This has led to a new modern music genre that has been dubbed synth wave. The Los Angeles based band FM-84 stands out as a prime example of this. Not only does their unique sound feature synthesisers predominantly, but their aesthetic style is also neon-tinged and owes a debt to the 80s.

So too, do Brit duo Gunship, who often refer back to classic movies of this decade. They have even collaborated with artists of this past era to pay homage to their older work. For instance, they brought in saxophonist Tim Capello for their single Dark All Day. The track references Capello’s work on the vampire film The Lost Boys.

Older Artists

There has been a renewed popularity in the synth music acts that gained prominence decades before. Daft Punk introduced a new generation to the work of Giorgio Moroder. This artist helped to create the pop music that dominated the airwaves in the late 1970s.

Due to new interest in the musician, sales of his older albums have increased. Because of this, he is often seen touring. His live gigs bring in a diverse crowd of old and new fans.

John Carpenter is more commonly known for his movies than his music. However, in the genre of synth wave, he is celebrated. Like Moroder, there has been a resurgence in his popularity. He too often tours, during which he plays older music from his catalogue.


Movies have helped to make synthesiser music popular with a mass audience. Younger viewers are discovering the synth-heavy soundtracks of older films. This has been cited as undoubtedly the main reason for the rise of synth wave.

New movies are also getting in on the trend. The film Turbo Kid features a score that is deliberately reminiscent of 1980s cinema soundtracks. The Strangers: Prey At Night is another clear example of this. Older films such as Beverly Hills Cop, are also being watched by a new generation of fans. This appeal is down to the iconic music that plays during scenes.


On the Netflix streaming app, viewers can watch the hit show Stranger Things. This programme takes place during the 1980s and pays homage to many movies from this period. The original music also does this. The soundtrack album has recently become one of the most sold synth wave records.

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Much like with cinema, viewers are looking back nostalgically on earlier examples of TV. For instance, there has been a renewed interest in the show Miami Vice. This is mainly due to its synth-based score.