Three Starter Tips for Breaking Into the Music Industry


Many musicians aspire to make it big in the music industry at some point in their life. They soon discover that this is no easy task. It is one that demands patience, perseverance and a strong desire and passion for what they do. There are several steps that any musician must take if they have any hopes of making music their career.

Set Your Goals

Becoming a musician comes with some decision making. It may all begin with hopes and dreams but you need to decide on what genre of music you want to make your mark in. You may be versatile as a vocalist and can sing blues, rock or country or western, but these are all different music categories and you need to decide which one you are going to pursue first. You need to decide which one you have the passion for the most and which holds the greatest level of excitement. If you don’t do this you may always consider yourself as settling for second best. There is nothing stopping you from changing your course of direction in the music industry if the one you originally embark upon doesn’t work out for you.


Now that you have settled on some clear direction you need to get yourself known. In today’s modern world that may be a whole lot easier than it was in the past. First you need to do your homework and determine what are your resources. There are the common ones such as sending demos to recording companies, participating in live performances no matter what level they are on, and of course now with the internet you can start your own YouTube productions.

Seek out the Right Mentors

Everyone can do well with a mentor and the same applies for any division of the music world. It is important however that you choose the right person for this. While you should welcome any advice be slow to act upon it and review and study it carefully.

Develop Some Business Sense

Aside from all of this you need to develop some business sense because music is business. You need to look at yourself as a business. As such a business needs to make money. You need to look at those avenues within your music category that is going to provide you with the lifestyle you are expecting.